"Learning is not a race for information,
it’s a walk of discovery."

– Anonymous

3 Year Old Room

Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Thursday


9:15am Drop Off

Free Play

Circle Time


Story & Craft

Gross Motor

11:45am Dismissal


As your child continues to grow, so does our curriculum. At this stage in the child’s life, they begin to gain more self-esteem and a sense of the world around them. Their curiosity continues to expand and their minds are open to new experiences and learning - a very exciting time! Our program is geared to facilitate the learning environment and increase independence, and more importantly create lifelong learners. Our three year old room consists of a more detailed and structured program in which teachers outline the daily routine with scheduled activities. Children will be exposed to early science, math, reading, and social studies concepts through independent exploration, hands-on activities, and whole group lessons. Arts and crafts, music and dance, and many other techniques are incorporated into the routine to make learning fun. In the classroom, you will find more exposure to literacy and structured centers to help develop the learning environment. Our goals for this age group is simple - to promote and encourage learning. They will learn and focus on the following:


Focuses include:


Physical Development:

  • Continue to strengthen balance, large motor skills, and coordination

  • Become more familiar and comfortable with writing utensils

  • Gain more independence using items such as scissors and glue.

Cognitive Development:

  • Focus on early literacy skills such as recognizing shapes, colors, letters, and numbers

  • Participate in large group and individual centers

  • Build on and expand vocabulary use

  • Build on problem solving

Social/Emotional Development:

  • Learn how to cooperate and share with others

  • Begin to play with others rather than just play alongside

  • Begin to develop early manners such as saying “please” and “thank you”

  • Build on self-help skills by encouraging hand washing, zipping and buttoning clothing, shoe tying, brushing teeth, etc…

  • Gaining confidence through setting and achieving goals

  • Responding to positive redirection

  • Expressing feelings appropriately