Does my child need to be potty trained in order to begin Little Lights?

Children do not have to be potty-trained to take part in this program. If you are in the process of potty training your child we will help and support you in that process. If your child is still using diapers we will change them when needed during class time.

How do you handle separation?

Before the school year begins the teachers will set a time to meet with each student and parent in the classroom for 20 minutes. This is an opportunity for teachers and families to get to know each other and for the student to become comfortable in their classroom.

For some children separation from their parent is very difficult. In order to deal with this separation anxiety, we encourage you to participate in our welcome days. Welcome Days occur a week before classes are scheduled to begin. On the first day, both parents and students come for one hour to observe their new environment. On the second day, both parents and children stay for 1.5 hours. This is an excellent time for both parents and their child to become used to their new environment and bond with teachers and new friends.


If a child seems to be having a particularly difficult time the following will occur:

  • Parents and teachers will discuss how they would like to move forward.

  • Parents will be invited to stay in the classroom to reassure their child.

  • Each following day parents will shorten the time they stay with their child.

  • Children who are having trouble separating will be encouraged to bring a loved toy or stuffed animal from home so that they can use it as a transitional object to help them feel more secure. 

  • Family photos will be in the classroom for kids to look at when they are missing their families.

  • Teachers will share a picture schedule of the class and show the children the time in the schedule when their parents or caregiver will return for them. This helps them feel more secure knowing there is a plan and class time will come to an end. 

How do you handle behavioral challenges?

A very important part of the preschool experience is helping children learn how to get along in the world in which they live, enjoy being with other children, and follow the directions of an adult other than their parent. A caring and positive approach will be taken regarding behavior management and discipline. The teachers will focus on the positive behaviors of the children and reinforce those behaviors as often as possible. Our goal is to help the children develop self-control and responsibility for their actions.

Our discipline procedures will consist of the following strategies:

1. Encouraging children to use their words when having a disagreement with another child.   

2. Redirecting behavior when this seems potentially effective.

3. Separating a child from the group (take a walk or get a drink of water)

4. Counseling children individually about their behaviors.

5. Communicate behavior with parents and work together.

What is the admission process for Little Lights?

Acceptance into Little Lights requires a completed application and a tour to meet the Director of Little Lights.
See admissions page here.

What are the age requirements for Little Lights?

We operate on a rolling admissions basis so your child is eligible to join one of our classes when they turn 2 or 3 throughout the year.  


How do you handle children with allergies?

Here at Little Lights we recognize that food allergies can cause serious, life threatening conditions for some children. To keep all our children safe, Little Lights will aim to eliminate those foods that have been determined to cause allergic reactions in children. We cannot guarantee a completely nut-free environment since other activities and programs occur within the classroom space outside of our scheduled hours. The classroom tables will be wiped down with a cleaning solution at the following times: prior to children arriving in the classroom, after any food is eaten by the children, and at the end of the classroom session.  Children and staff must wash their hands upon arrival at school, before snack, and whatever other times are deemed necessary based on the activity performed.

Parents are responsible for signing up and providing snack each class day. A list of known allergies will be sent out prior to the beginning of classes starting so that parents are well informed of what snacks will be safe for our classroom.