"Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education."

-Martin Luther King Jr. 

4 Year Old Room

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday


9:15 Drop Off

Open Play

Circle Time

Learning Centers

Gross Motor


11:45am Dismissal


At 4 years old, children are preparing for school. We get them ready to go! Children learn math, science, early literacy skills and social skills. Everything your child learns each day is reinforced and extended throughout the year to prepare them for school. 

Each week will have a theme and our activities will center around that theme. Themes include topics such as transportation, community helpers, holidays, weather, and much more. We will explore books about our theme, use our theme to inspire our small group learning centers, and use it to inspire our play.

Language Arts and Literacy:  Your child will practice writing skills while writing their name and simple words. All 4 year olds love to sing, recite poems and share stories about their lives. We let your child lead the way as our teachers give encouragement to help your child along.

Mathematics: With our hands on approach to math, your 4 year old will learn number sense, shapes, patterns, sorting, and much more. We will learn in both small and large groups to accommodate the various levels of learning. 

Science: At 4 years old, children are naturally curious and have tons of questions! Children will make observations, chart weather daily and identify differences in the seasons. They will do activities such as planting seeds and recording the growth, learning the importance of keeping the earth clean and and how items float as just a few examples. 

Social and Emotional Development: Children begin to understand the meaning of friendship by the time they’re 4 years old. They hug each other or sit with their arms around one another as they read a book. They begin identifying their feelings. At Little Lights we encourage children to discuss their emotions, to tell friends why they are special and to share enthusiasm for new people and new things.

Character Education: Here at Little Lights, we understand the importance of academics, but also value the whole child. We will practice manners, kind words, and understanding feelings so that we are helping to create leaders for the future.